A long time ago in a land far away (in Ireland, nearly a decade ago, yikes!), met two young ladies while studying their BA in Interior and Furniture Design. A strong bond was instantly formed as the two spent endless hours drinking lots of tea and wine and beer. The pair would bounce design ideas off each other and openly help one another problem solve and eventually complete their degrees after four eventful, fun, emotional and evolving years. Fast forward to January 2015 and the pair were reunited again across the globe in this gorgeous place we now call home, The Gold Coast, Australia.

Here’s a little bit more to help you get to know us better…..


Cathleen Shipp, Creative Director

Having graduated with my BA in Interior and Furniture Design I had decided to spend the year in New Zealand with the plan to work in Hospitality and see the sites along the way. First stop was Auckland City where I got a job in a restaurant in The Viaduct.  Oh boy, was I blown away by the buzz of working in such a fun, fast paced industry constantly meeting people from every walk of life. I gained so much knowledge of food, wine , beer and cocktails and learned the art of staying calm and focused in the most high pressured moments. The goal was to ensure every patron walked away after having the best possible experience with happy faces all round, including myself.

I met my lovely hubby who was a chef in the same restaurant and we later decided to venture over to Australia. Instantly we fell in love with The Gold Coast which suited our hospitality backgrounds with glorious beaches and tropical hinterland to make it that bit more magical. It was during my time here while working a gazillion functions, events and weddings that my passion and talent for design could be utilised with each occasion igniting that little fire in my soul.

Planning my own wedding was made all the more fun when my lovely friend Jill came all the way from Ireland and it was as if we went back in time to those college years bouncing ideas off each other once again. It was quite easy pulling everything together but it was only on the weeks leading up to the big day did my stress levels sky rocket. Karl and I were lucky enough to have so many friends and family travel from afar and while I should have been sipping wine, laughing about the good old times, enjoying the butterflies and excitement, my mind was on other things. Checklists, schedules, trying to delegate but not be bossy (i didn’t want to ruin anyone’s holiday haha) confirm vendors, pay budgets, catch up with visitors, collecting items, rehearsal and the list goes on and on.

The day was still one of the happiest days of my life and I got to marry my best friend in front of my nearest and dearest, but you can forget about any structure to the day itself. If only I had of hired an on the day coordinator and not to mention a little help for the clean up the next day!


Jill McKenna, Designer and Project Manager

It had always been a toss up whether to study Graphic Design or Interior Design but as you can tell from the spiel up above I chose Interior Design. It was an awesome four years gaining knowledge of layouts, 3D design progammes and really expanding my passion for art and design and of course drinking all of that tea, wine and beer with my bestie! After graduating I began to work as an assistant in a design office in Dublin. A local radio station was running a competition to design a t-shirt with the prize being a full years worth of fees paid to study a Diploma in Graphic Design in Dublin Institute of Design. I entered for the fun of it and couldn’t believe my design had come first and boom!, I was back in college as a design student.

I loved every minute of it as I got to use my creative flair in another medium while developing my digital skills and after graduating with my Diploma, I then went on to study a course in Project Management to extend my knowledge in managing design projects as well as events.

Like most folk that travel to Australia for a year, I couldn’t bare to leave. Not only was there a multitude of adventures to be had, it was beyond awesome picking up where I left off all those years ago with my best pal Cathleen.


And now we have two lasses from The Emerald Isle joining forces to form Emerald Aisle Events. Typically, being Irish we  love a good shindig and a good old fashioned love story, but more importantly we take joy in using our creativity and experience to help couples celebrate one of the most important day in theirs lives in a way that reflects them and only them.