Ingmari : The Bohemian Bride

We put together this fun little shoot to demonstrate our knowledge in styling a bride in a cohesive way. When choosing the wedding dress of your dreams, the style of the bouquet and even a headpiece should be taken into consideration, as you don’t want one to take focus away from the other.

The beautiful Ingmari is a free-spirited, earth child at heart and I think you can agree that the very talented Kristy from Klee Photography captured this sense flawlessly. We chose the Lilani dress from Bohemian Brides (more like the dress chose Ingmari )for its effortlessly free-flowing style, with the deep V back and neckline, lined with an intricate jagged edge lace. A combination that mirrors our brides elegant, yet wild and free persona.

Which brings us to the florals. Wild and free is the key! We used plenty of foliage with jagged,pointy edges to compliment the neckline of the dress. It was with the introduction of flowers such as Colombian roses, orchids, berries and purple crocus that highlight the delicate nature of the style.One lone lotus pod is used to suggest some hidden depth, as there is a little piece of that in each of us 🙂

Bouquet & Headpiece: Emerald Aisle Events

Photography: Klee Photography

Dress: Bohemian Brides

Model: Ingmari