Jamie & Bijour

We had the pleasure in taking part in this beautiful little elopement ceremony at Ardeena with Jamie and Bijour overlooking the Tweed Coast. With a backdrop as breath-taking as this we wanted to blend the wedding arbour into the stunning scenery by using plenty of luscious greenery creeping up from the bottom. ┬áLola’s Wildflowers then added pops of colour using similar flowers to Bijour’s bouquet which I think we can all agree is magnificent. Soft white draping mirrored the effortless beauty of Bijour’s wedding dress which was handmade by Jamie’s mother. What a gorgeous and personal touch. Although a very intimate ceremony, there was so much love that radiated between both sets of parents and how cute is it that their lovely little boy Oli helped daddy put on mummy’s wedding ring. It was such an honour to be apart of such a heartfelt ceremony. Again, Bulb Creative did not disappoint with their flawless photography capturing magic moments and oh WOW!…how about that pink smoke. My heart skips a little beat looking at these images!

Venue : Ardeena

Florist : Lola’s Wildflowers

Ceremony Styling and Hire : Emerald Aisle Events

Photographers : Bulb Creative